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Aquarium Heater

One of the main items that every aquarium needs is a good aquarium heater. This is because fish thrive within a certain range of temperatures and water will only hold its temperature for a few hours before it starts dropping. Many fish like to be kept around 79 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, which is uncomfortable for many humans.

Unlike people, fish cannot regulate their body temperatures and rely on the water to provide the heat they need to stay alive. An aquarium heater will help you keep your fish at the optimum temperature. This applies to both fresh and salt-water fish, so no matter which one you own, The LA Shop has the perfect heater for your tank.

The best aquarium heater is available right here, at The LA Shop. Their titanium submersible tank heater is offered at a savings of 55 percent off the standard retail price. This heater will include everything you need to mount it on the inside of your fish tank and start warming up the water to keep you fish healthy and happy. It even has an automatic shut off switch so your water will not get too hot and you do not end up poaching your favorite household pets.


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