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Aquarium UV Sterilizers


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Having aquarium UV sterilizers on your fish tank is important to help you prevent algae blooms, remove parasites and bacteria that could harm your fish, remove any pathogens that may be living in the water and control the unpleasant odors that are often associated with fish tanks. This is because a UV (ultra violet) sterilizer will purify any water that passes through the chamber with the light module.

There are three different types of aquarium UV sterilizers available from The LA Shop. You can get a 9-watt, an 18-watt or a 36-watt sterilizer. The difference is not only the amount of power they use, but also the amount of water they can purify. The larger the fish tank, the more powerful sterilizer that you will need to keep the algae and other items under control.

All of the aquarium UV sterilizers from The LA Shop come with rubber seals to stop them from leaking water outside of your tank. None of them can be placed inside the tank; they must all be attached to the outside of the tank and then fed from the pumping mechanism used to move water for the fish tank. With prices lower than most retail establishments, you cannot go wrong purchasing your UV sterilizer from The LA Shop.

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