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Auto Welding Helmet

An auto welding helmet is specially designed to protect your head, face and eyes when running a welding machine. The faceplate automatically darkens blocking out the harmful UV light given off when welding and allows you to clearly see the materials you are welding together. You should always have the proper safety equipment when welding including an auto darkening welding mask.

You should check the auto welding helmet specifications to ensure it is usable for the type of welding you are performing, such as ARC, TIG, MMA, MIG/MAG, plasma cutting, plasma welding and grinding. Certain brands of auto welding helmets may not meet the necessary requirements and should only be used for the welding types for which they were created.

An auto welding helmet includes switches to adjust the sensitivity based upon the brightness of the welding tools being used. These auto darkening welding helmets also have rechargeable batteries which can be charged by sunlight or even from the exposure to the light given off by the welding tool. Different styles of welding helmets are available which feature unique designs in different colors which allow you to select the type of welding mask which suits your particular tastes and styles.

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Auto Welding Helmet

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