Introduce your plants to Growing Lights early

When people purchase plants, they often have to learn the best way to grow them indoors.  This can cause a problem, however – if you purchase a plant that requires high amounts of direct light, you may not have sufficient light in your home for the plant to thrive.  The best thing to do is to purchase your growing lights at the same time you purchase the plants.  There is a period of adjustment when plants translate from natural to artificial light, and it is easiest to do when the plants are early in their growth cycle.  If you wait until the plant shows signs of low light, such as drooping leaves and wilting foliage, then you may have waited too long for the plant to recover.  If you are growing your plants from seeds or cuttings, it is always better to start with artificial light, even if you plan to move the plants outside when the weather permits.  Plants can adjust to natural light very easily, but have problems coping with the limitations of artificial light. This is especially true if they are already having problems.


Growing lights can help you have healthier plants in your garden


One of the best ways to start a new garden is to plant your seeds inside and let the plants start out under artificial light.  Growing lights can be used to help your plants get started. They can help establish a good root system before they are placed in your outdoor garden.  This also lets your plants start with controlled temperatures, insuring that they achieve their full growth before they are placed outside.  After your plants have achieved their secondary leaves and have a complete root system, they will better withstand the differing temperatures that they will encounter when they are placed outside.  This also stops late frosts from harming your new plants. This can save money, as you will not have to replace plants that might otherwise be hurt by a late season cold snap.


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I have a limited budget – can I use Cheap Grow Lights?

If you do not have enough money to purchase metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights, then you may want to consider using LED grow lights.  LED lights may be considered a cheap grow light, but they do provide all of the necessary frequencies of light that your plants need to thrive.  Because they use the least amount of electricity, they are ideal lights to use when you want to have thriving plants inside but have to work under a pretty strict budget.  While it is possible to get the same type of growth with natural light, many people do not have enough southern facing windows in their home to grow most plants effectively.  The other benefit of using LED grow lights is that you can adjust the type of light provided to the plants as needed.

Getting the most out of Cheap Grow Lights

People who are on a budget but still want plants in their homes often go for cheap grow lights.  The least expensive lights are LED lights, but how do you use them to the maximum benefit of your plants?  The answer is simple – you just have to use specific colored lights during different stages of your plants growth cycle.  When your plants are all leafy, you want to have a red light.  When they start to bear fruit or vegetables, you want to switch to a blue light.  You can also get one of our lights that have both red and blue on the same grid. This gives your plants the type of light they need, no matter what phase of their growth cycle they are in.

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Get a more beautiful garden with High Pressure Sodium Lights

Starting a new garden is a lot of work.  First, you have to plan the garden by finding a place in your yard that is reasonably flat and can offer decent drainage for your new plants.  You also have to check the soil to make sure that it does not offer too much drainage and will hold moisture for your plants.  Then, you have to prepare the soil, normally with a tiller or a garden hoe.  Finally, after everything is completed, you get to place your plants in the bed and hope everything goes well.  The problem is that many people place seeds in the ground and hope that there will be enough sunlight for the seeds to germinate.  Instead of depending on the weather, you could use high-pressure sodium lights to start your seeds inside your home.  This type of light is very close to natural sunlight, and gives your new plants the best chance of starting healthy, before they go into the ground.

Can I keep my plants under High Pressure Sodium Lights year round?

While many people like to use high-pressure sodium lights to start their garden plants, you can also leave the plants inside and allow them to go from seed to fruit.  This is because an HPS light is the closest product you will get to natural sunlight.  You can even grow tropical plants under these lights, as long as you keep the air humid and at the correct temperature.  The most common problem with growing these types of plants is that, while they have the correct amount of light, the temperature in the room drops below 70 degrees or they are placed under an AC vent. The vent will blow cold air on the leaves, which causes them to turn brown and die.

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Sell your old items online with a Photo Box

One of the most important parts of selling anything is letting the buyer see the actual product.  The difficulty lies in your ability to take professional looking photographs of your old items.  This may be easier than you expect if you use a photo box to eliminate the problems that come with using your floor and walls as the background.  Most professional photos have a solid colored background so that you are not distracted by the stain on the floor or the crack in the wall.  There is also a problem when these things appear to be part of your product and not just a small mistake in the background.  There are several different ways to use a box to create the best advertising photo for the items you wish to sell online.  They can also be used to take photos for other purposes, such as insurance information and inventory shots of items in storage or in a safe.


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Is it ok to grow vegetables with a LED Grow light?

This is actually a very common question because most people have no idea how to grow vegetables inside their home.  They think that vegetables grow best outside in a garden that is open to direct sunlight.  This is actually not true because some vegetables may grow better under artificial low lighting, such as what you get with LED grow lights.  This would include the vegetables that actually produce an edible fruit or vegetable. However, this does not include leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage.  This is because the leafy vegetables require more light to develop their full flavors.  If you insist on growing these plants inside, then you will want to have a higher-powered light source, such as a HPS or metal halide light.

There are different colored LED Grow lights, which one should I get?

The answer to this question is simple; you should purchase the LED grow lights that match the type of plant you are growing.  Plants with a large number of leaves need to have red light to perform photosynthesis, while plants that are flowering or making fruit need blue light to help transport the nutrients directly into the fruit or vegetable.  Red light is also the preferred light for herbs because you only use the leaves and do not want the plants to go to seed.  We offer a variety of LED lights that have both blue and red on the panel. That way, you can have the same light on all of your plants and will not have to change because a plant starts to produce flowers.

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Growing tropical plants with a 600w HPS grow light

The hardest plants to grow in northern states are tropical plants from near the equator.  Most people understand that the plants have to be kept at a constant temperature – they also need to stay inside, especially during the winter months.  The problem is that people do not always understand how much light is required for these plants to thrive.  While you can get away with a lower powered light, such as fluorescent, when you are growing tropical ferns, most other plants need a stronger source of direct lighting, such as the 600w HPS lights.  This is because ferns grow under the forest canopy and are used to receiving very little light. Other types of tropical plants need more light because they are used to growing in clearings and on higher elevations.

What other plants can benefit from a 600w HPS grow light?

There are several species of plants that can benefit from a 600w HPS light.  One of the most common is the cacti plants of Central America.  These plants often receive 12 hours of direct sunlight every day, so they will not grow well under lower powered lights.  They are used to high temperatures but very low humidity.  If you have a high humidity growing room, you should be careful about growing these plants because the excess moisture in the air can make the bottom of the plant soft, causing it to develop rot and collapse under its own weight.  You can also use this type of light for any plant that is listed as growing in full sun.  The only difference between the plants is the amount of time you will leave on your light, but it should never be less than 8 hours, and the ambient temperature of the room.  The temperature should be as close as possible to the temperature of the plant’s native location.

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Using the Right Lighting Kit Can Make Any Photography Session Better

When you are choosing the type of lighting kit to use, it is important to take the subject of your photograph into consideration.  A live subject needs to be captured with a flash, while a stationary subject appears better looking with continuous lighting.  This is because live subjects are always moving, even if it is only by shifting slightly when sitting.

A flash system makes everything appear to be perfectly still in your photograph while still giving the illusion of movement, which makes your photos appear more lifelike.  Stationary objects are subject to sharper shadows, because of their lack of movement.  This is why continuous lighting is better, because it can be adjusted to remove the shadows before you snap the photograph.

Which Lighting Kit is Best for My Studio?

There are also two different types of lighting kits available: the umbrella light and the box light.  Both of these offer indirect lighting and can be adapted to both flash and continuous light, but they are best used in different situations.

Umbrella lights are usually better to use when taking photographs inside, because they are not competing with natural sunlight.  They give a diffuse light through reflection and may be overwhelmed by natural light.

Photo boxes give the same type of diffuse lighting, but they are stronger, because the light only passes through a thin piece of cloth and it is not reflected light.  This makes them better when you are taking pictures outside and need something to compete with natural sunlight.

There are certain types of photographs that would benefit from each type of lighting, and you should also consider your own personal preference when choosing the lighting kit that would work best for your interests.

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Making Money at Home with Light Tent Photography

Everyone knows about posting items online to sell, when they are no longer wanted by a family.  The problem is that, when people post photos of items, they do not take into account the background and possible lighting problems.  With light tent photography, you can take photos of objects without worrying about the problems mentioned above.  Instead of having an embarrassing wine stain on the carpet, making your old vase appear to have a leak, you could have a solid colored background, instead.

You can also control the lighting so that you eliminate shadows; this prevents your teddy bear from having the appearance of missing limbs and allows you to photograph the finer details of your items, without shadows interfering with the viewer’s perceptions.  This also eliminates the problem of background images being considered part of the item, such as a wall with a design being mistaken for a second piece of cloth in a photograph of a shirt or a pair of pants.

Choosing the Right Background for Your Light Tent Photography

It is important to use the correct background, when using light tent photography.  You must make sure that the background is the opposite of the color of the item that is the subject of your photo.  It would not look good to have a red item with a red background; you would lose too many details and the outside of your item would look like it had blended into the background.

One of the best options is to use either black or white for your background.  Light colored items appear better with a contrasting background of black, and the same is true for dark colored items.  If your item has a couple of different colors, such as a black and white stuffed animal, then you would want to use a true colored background, like blue or red.  This eliminates the problem of color bleeding and gives you a clear picture of your intended subject.


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Add Variety to Your Photos with Muslin Backgrounds for Photography

Everyone enjoys seeing a professional photo on their wall, but guests can tell if the photo was taken at home, because the background is the living room or a specific wall in the home.  To make all of your home photographs appear professional, all you need to do is purchase muslin backgrounds for photography.  These backgrounds allow you to highlight the subject of your photo, without being distracted by the images that can appear behind the person you are photographing.

It is important to remember to put up a background that does not clash with your subject, such as using a white background on a family photo where everyone is dressed in white clothing.  This would cause the clothing to bleed into the background, and you would have an image of just faces and necks, which could be interesting — but may not be the effect you were trying to achieve.  Instead of using a plain white background, try using one of our hand-painted muslins, to give your pictures depth and structure.

Save Money with Muslin Backgrounds for Photography

With savings of up to 40 percent, it is less expensive to purchase a muslin background for photography, than to use a professional portrait studio.  This is because of the advances made to home cameras, so that they now take high quality photographs with a minimum of experience.  You can also take the digital images and have larger photos printed at a variety of locations, saving you time and money, when compared to going to a professional photo studio.

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Should I Use High-Pressure Sodium Lights for All of My Plants

While it is important for your plants to get the maximum amount of light, some plants are actually harmed by using high-pressure sodium lights.  This is because these plants are used to growing underneath larger plants, such as trees.  Even some plants from the rainforest may only need LED or fluorescent lights, because they are used to being under the canopy of large trees.  You should carefully review the type of plant you have and make sure that it will not be burned by having such a powerful source of light over the plant.

My Tropical Plants Only Need High-Pressure Sodium Lights

One of the biggest mistakes new plant growers make is thinking that they only have to install some high-pressure sodium lights for their plants to thrive.  Plants are just like any other type of living organism, and require both the right nutrients and environments to survive.  Always make sure that your plants have a high level of nitrogen in the soil, to ensure they get enough food to perform photosynthesis.  In addition, your plants require a minimum amount of water, which varies based upon the type of plant.  Besides the lighting, you also have to control the temperature of the room where the plant grows.  Tropical plants need to have a warm temperature and a higher level of humidity.  This can be accomplished by putting them in a room that is maintained above 65 degrees, and you should mist your plants daily to substitute for a humid environment.

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