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Chocolate & Drink Fountains

Chocolate fountains make great gifts for your friends and family members. The next time you attend a house warming party, you can give the new home owner a chocolate fountain, bring along the chocolate, fresh fruit, pretzels and other food items and turn the house warming into a chocolate fondue party instead. You can use any color of chocolate in the fountain, and once it is fully heated you turn on the fountain part as watch as the liquid chocolate runs down the fountain.

You can experiment with different flavors and types of chocolates to discover which ones melt the best and mix well with other foods. Dark chocolate is a bitter chocolate, but when melted in chocolate fountains and used with sweet fruits, it provides a nice contrast in flavors, reducing the sweetness of the fruit. Melted milk chocolate can be used in the chocolate fountain and you and your family can make s'mores by dipping graham crackers and marshmallows into the warm chocolate.

Chocolate fountains are easy to clean with the fountain section coming off allowing you access to the lower bowl area where the chocolate is melted. Different fountain sizes are available allowing you to choose the size that best suits your individual needs.


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