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When you are remodeling your home or office and want to do the project yourself, you can use a drywall lift to help with installing new drywall. This device is used to help hold drywall panels in place while you secure them to the support joists without the assistance of other people. The drywall panel lift can be operated by just a single person, making remodeling projects more enjoyable when you like working alone.

Rather than renting a drywall lift from a rental company, you can purchase one to have around for current and future remodeling projects or even rent it out to your neighbors or co-workers for a fraction of the cost of the rental company, allowing you to put some extra money into your pocket. You will also not have to worry that the rental company will not have any drywall lifts available when you need one, when you own your own unit.

The drywall lift is designed to handle up to 150 pounds per drywall sheet and can raise and support sheets up to 11 feet maximum for horizontal ceilings. The drywall panel lift can be lowered down for easy drywall panel loading and has casters for easy moving down the wall or work area where you are installing the drywall.

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