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TV & Monitor Mounts

The LA Shop offers you two different types of furniture TV stands. The first is for displaying a LCD television and is set for a TV that has a base upon which it rests. The second is a plasma TV stand that is made for flat screens that need to be mounted so it can be viewed. Both of these stands are offered at over 60 percent off the retail price, making them one of the best bargains on the internet.

Both furniture TV stands are shipped brand new in the original packaging. This means that you will not be getting a stand that has been returned to the store and has been repaired of any defects. You will have the full manufacturer's warrantee available. The LCD stand offers you three tempered glass shelves. One to hold the TV and two to hold any components that you may want to attach, such as a DVD player or a digital video recorder (DVR).

The plasma TV stand also offers you three shelves, but they are smaller than the LCD stand, so you receive the same amount of surface area. Because this furniture TV stand is for a mounted TV, there is no need for the larger back shelf to hold the weight of the TV.

TV & Monitor Mounts

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