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Create a perfect front yard, backyard, even indoor landscapes with our gardening tips. Make a better home!

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants which is convenient, clean, space-saving. You just need to set up mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil, the seed can grow up to plant, and having fruits.

Now we provide you a large selection of grow tent, grow light (MH light/ HPS light/ Fluorescent T5 light), inline duct fan, filter, noise muffler silencer and other accessories. Build a indoor hydroponics system. Grow light guarantees the supply conversion for various plants in their growth stages, better than natural light. Grow tent made of reflective materials makes a enhanced efficiency with grow light. It saves electricity much better. Fans & filters offer a good ventilation environment for your plant. And you don't have to worry about the fan's noise with a muffler silencer installation. Much lower the noise, and keep a good relationship with your neighbors. Also you could share your harvest with them, enjoy this pleasure both!

The gardening accessories would provide you more convenient. A timer could control your hydroponics system better. A professional scissor would manage your plant with perfect style. Cleaning your garden with a water hose is what you need. Reflective Mylar Roll Sheet is perfect for your greenhouse building.


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