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More and more, home and office are found listed in the same category because of the increasing number of people who work from home. Whether you use your home office for your income or to manage household business, you will find a wide variety of useful products from the home and office supplies at The LA Shop. One essential for every home is the Electronic Digital Safe. Use it in the office or other room to keep cash, important papers, and all of your valuables away from the dangers of theft and damage. The safe works with a programmed PIN code and keyless design so there is limited access. Best of all, all of the safes are guaranteed to be the highest quality and you get them at a great savings!

Do you spend more time on your laptop than at the desk with your PC? The home and office section includes the mobile laptop desk tray that will make it easy to roll your computer where you want to use it. It also works for over-the-bed. Brakes on the casters allow you to choose whether to transport it from area to area or fix it in a single spot for a stable working platform.

Browse the Home and Office supplies from The LA Shop to find these items and many more that will make your work and entertainment easier and more fun!


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