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Hydraulic jacks help free up your hands and provide for the easy installation of transmissions. The transmission jack supports the weight of the transmission while you can raise and lower it using a pedal pump with your foot. Once the transmission is in place your hands are free to being securing the transmission to the vehicle and complete the installation process.

Hydraulic jacks include safety chains which can be attached to the sides of the transmission and keep it from dropping to the floor accidently, should it come loose. The hydraulic jack has a telescopic two stage hydraulic ram for higher lift ranges which are often needed when working on SUVs and other vehicles higher off the ground. The transmission jack adapter can each up to 70 inches high.

The transmission jack can be used to remove faulty transmissions as well. Once the transmission is attached to the hydraulic jack, you lower the transmission down and can push the transmission away using the fixed steering handle located in the middle of the hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks also include four cast iron swivel casters to provide assistance when moving the transmission across the repair shop and are made of heavy duty steel for maximum durability.

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