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A megaphone is an important tool to have on a jobsite where heavy machinery is in use and the noise level can make it difficult to provide instructions and direct your workers. The megaphone can be used to amplify the sound of your voice and make it heard even in the noisiest of conditions. Ensuring the safety of your workers is important and when not being able to properly communicate with them, can lead to unwanted accidents.

A megaphone comes in different power wattages which provides stronger amplification on higher wattage models. Some megaphones also include bullhorns and blow horns which can be used to gain your workers attention. When you sound the blow horn it is loud enough to be heard which will draw the attention of your workers to your location and bring work to a stop. The blow horns can also be used as a way to notify workers of breaks, lunch time and quitting time when working on multi-storied construction projects.

A megaphone requires batteries to operate and there is a model available which includes a car charger to recharge the batteries. You can find a wide selection of megaphones available from The LA Shop to fit the needs of your construction project.


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