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Outdoor TV Antenna

Having an outdoor TV antenna can be a great alternative to the high cost of cable television. The antennas offered by The LA Shop come in two different models. The first is for UHF VHG and FM channels. The second can get all of the above and includes an HDTV adaptor so you can watch high definition television with your antenna. Both are available at discounts of over 60 percent off the standard retail price.

Both of these outdoor TV antennas have easy installation and come with everything you need to install it yourself. The complete kit comes with the coaxial cable to run to your television. All you need to purchase is the actual pole to mount the antenna above the line of your roof. It also comes with an infrared remote so there will be no more climbing up a pole to turn the antenna to get the best reception.

The outdoor TV antenna from The LA Shop offers you everything you need in a television antenna. It has a range of 90 miles or more (based upon flat and open terrain) and it will deliver your channels directly to your television without the need for a special box to decode the information.

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Outdoor TV Antenna

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