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Photography Background

To solve the worst problem for many photographers, consider using a photography background. These are single sheets of material, usually either black or white, that remove the problems associated with object in the background bleeding into the picture. This can eliminate the stain on the floor that looks like your item is leaking or the crack in the wall, which just happens to align with the seam on the dress.

A good photography background will remove all of the problems associated above and, in the new world of digital enhancements, give you a clean slate if you want to add effects to the photo later before development. Computer enhancement programs often try to ignore the background with various amounts of success. A photography background will allow the program to have a cleaner edge when you try to remove the image and replace the background.

Using the simple black or white backgrounds make this process even easier. You should make sure your model is wearing an item that is not the same color as the background, and then you can reimage the model into any exotic location. This allows you to take pictures of models in bikinis in the winter and superimpose the image onto a beach for the client.

Photography Background

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