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Portable Camping Toilet

A portable camping toilet provides the convenience of a bathroom toilet without having to dig a hole behind a tree in the woods. The portable toilet is self contained and requires no separate plumbing. The 5 gallon portable potty has a water tank which will hold up to 3 gallons of water and has a 5 gallon waste tank. The smaller 2.8 gallon model will hold up to 2.8 gallons of water and has a 2.8 gallon waste tank.

You can use a portable camping toilet for other purposes, even if you do not care for camping. These are ideal to take along in the back of the car on long car trips, when finding a clean and sanitary restroom may be difficult. Instead you can find a quiet area and use your portable toilet in privacy and be back on the road. It is ideal when you have children and can avoid making stops every thirty minutes because the next kid has to use the bathroom.

A portable camping toilet includes a double sealed drain which prevents it from leaking as well as the ability to contain odors. The portable toilet is easy to clean and is made from high quality polyethylene.


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