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Airbrush Stencils


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With the airbrush stencils available from The LA Shop, you get more than a single use paper item. These stencils are reusable and will provide you with hours of fun for your airbrush kits. You can use the stencils to decorate cakes, cookies, walls or even yourself. They can be used with most of the airbrush kits available and they can be used multiple times.

With the airbrush stencils, you get a complete book that holds 100 different designs. These range from seasonal items, which are great for decorating holiday cookies and cakes, to more contemporary designs, which can help you with your temporary tattoos. There are several different books available, so you know you can find one with the exact stencils that will fit both your budget and your desire.

The LA Shop prides itself in the quality of the products they carry and the airbrush stencils are no exception. They work with almost any of their airbrush kits, so you will not have to visit several different locations to find your equipment. The LA Shop carries everything you need to become an airbrush expert. You can even use them to create spray on tans with designs so that your friends or your clients can see the difference with before and after examples of the spray on tanning products.

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