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Cat Condo

When you have indoor cats, you will want to find pet supplies to keep then active and healthy, such as a cat condo. Cats love to climb up high and be able to see a wider area than being on the ground and cat tree houses allows your pet to be active and have somewhere to climb instead of on kitchen countertops and other areas where the cat is not allowed.

A cat condo is available in different sizes from about three feet tall to almost seven feet tall. The design of the cat tree condo includes several different platforms supported by a cat scratching post as well as different hanging toys. Some cat condos even include tunnels for your cat to play in, hammocks, perches, and enclosed areas with small openings for you cat to rest and relax in privacy without being disturbed.

When you have a dog or small children in the home, a cat tree condo can provide an area for your cat to get away and relax in their own private space. The LA Shop has a variety of cat condo products available as well as other pet supplies to keep your beloved cat active and active.


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