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Continuous Lighting


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The LA Shop carries a complete selection of photography lighting for almost any occasion. They have both flash and steady lights available, so you can take photos of moving objects using flash lighting and photos of still object using steady lights. These rules are not set in stone, but they are a good starting point for an amateur photographer.

You can also use a soft box to enhance your photography lighting. These boxes diffuse the light, eliminating the sharp shadows that are often found in photographs taken with a bare bulb. Unless you want a shadow effect on your model, you want to use diffuse lighting such as that offered by a soft box.

If you are looking at using your photography lighting to take portraits, then you may want to invest in an umbrella light. These lights have the same shape as a standard umbrella but the inside is coated with a reflective substance. The light is mounted where the handle would be in a regular umbrella and it is reflected onto the subject by the coating. This creates the safe effect as the soft box but it is usually brighter and gives you a better portrait photograph than the diffuse light from a soft box.

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