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Cotton Candy Machine


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A cotton candy machine can be used to create this wonder candy treat loved by children of all ages, and even adults. You can create cotton candy in different colors, ranging from blue, pink and green, as well as add different flavors to create unique creations. Commercial cotton candy makers are not expensive and allow you the ability to use them for many different community and school events, such as fall harvest festivals, spring dances, holiday plays, and summer parties.

Children will be amazed at how the sugar is added to the machine and how the cotton candy machine turns this sugar into cotton floss candy which is wrapped around a cone or gather up by hand and served in a bucket. Cotton candy makers are available as table top units or as portable machines on wheels, allowing them to be easily moved from one location to another.

If you own your own sweets shop, you will want to invest in a cotton candy machine and be able to offer this sweet candy treat for sale as well as use it to create your own custom candies, such as sour apple flavored cotton candy or using it to create other specialty treats for your patrons.

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