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Digital Readouts


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Manufacturing and production facilities which still use manual processes when cutting different materials need to have precision digital readouts on their lathe milling machines. The digital readout LCD display provides an accurate reading which provides the highest quality cut and can even increase job performance and output being able to quickly monitor the display and make adjustments as needed.

Workers will appreciate having digital readouts and not having to attempt to read the small numbers often found on manual lathe milling machines. Manual settings can result in errors in cuts, which can translate to wasted products and materials, and increases in raw material expenses and wasted labor expenses. With the prices of raw materials increasing, it is important to be able to control waste costs while providing high quality products to your customers.

Digital readouts can provide much better accuracy with measurements and are accurate down to one-thousands of an inch. The electronic lathe milling machine remote displays can be adjusted to display desired measurements, including inches, fractional, decimal and metric readings. These devices are easy to install and can be used horizontally, vertically or any other position with the mountain hardware. The LA Shop provides electronic lathe milling machine digital readout products.

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