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Disco & Stage Effect Lights


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Disco lights can be added to any room in the home, such as a finished basement with plenty of room to entertain and through a party. Different lighting effects can be incorporated with mirror disco balls using strobe lighting, black lighting and laser lighting effects. You can even incorporate the lighting effects with the music you are playing so that different light effects occur to the beat of the music.

If you own or manage a dance club, you will want to have disco lights installed in order to provide a more entertaining experience for your patrons. You can even install special lighting for your DJ booth so that your DJ can continue to mix out tunes, even when the dance floor has DMX strobe lighting and other lighting effects occurring.

Community centers which put on retro dances from the 1970s and 1980s will need to purchase disco lights to be truly authentic. People will remember the disco days of past when getting down under a disco mirror ball and dancing to their favorite songs. The LA Shop has a selection of disco lights and other lighting equipment available for both commercial and home use to create the lighting effects desired.

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