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Drywall Stilts


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Drywall stilts are a great tool to have around for many different home improvement projects. When you want to paint or wall paper your walls, the dry wall stilts can be used to move around without having to worry about moving a ladder every few feet. Many different sizes are available with adjustable features allowing you to set the desired height needed for your project.

You will be amazed at how fast you will be able to paint a room and complete a project because time is wasted getting up and down a ladder when you use adjustable drywall stilts. You will be able to reach high up on the walls without having to climb up a ladder. Dry wall stilts are also ideal when you are installing a drop ceiling or need to run electrical wiring.

The design of the drywall stilts provides better stability than standing on a ladder and provides support for your feet preventing them from getting tired. There are two different sizes available which allow adjustments from 18 inches up to 30 inches or from 24 inches up to 40 inches. Dry wall stilts are an excellent choice when you do not want to lug a large ladder around or have limited storage space in your home.

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