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We are all familiar with the flag poles that are in front of schools and government buildings. If you want to show your own patriotic spirit, then you may want to purchase one to place in front of your home. The poles offered by The LA Shop come in a variety of different models. They have the standard pole, where you raise and lower the flag with a rope and the telescopic poles, where the pole actually contracts into the ground and you can reach the flag without the use of a ladder or a rope.

It does not matter which of the flag poles you choose for your home. It will be shipped from The LA Shop in the original packaging and come with the full manufacturer's warrantee. Their poles come in different heights and you should check your city ordinance to see what is the proper height for a pole in your yard.

All flag poles from The LA Shop are made to be used outside so they are weather resistant. You may want to remove the pole during periods of high wind, such as during a hurricane, but otherwise you can leave it up year round with no danger of damage to the pole from rain or snow.

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