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Foiling & Embossing


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The foiling and embossing process is found on many of the credit cards in your wallet. When you get a new credit card, it is first embossed and the numbers, expiration date and name are pressed into the card. The card is then passed through a foil stamping machine which adds the nice gold or silver to the raised up printed on the credit card.

When you want to create your own custom printed items or start your own preferred customer program, you can use foiling and embossing machines. Foil imprinting allows you to add different colored foils to different paper products, such as business cards, paper cards, and leather products, like wallets. You can even use an embossing machine to custom stamp out your own PVC cards, which are the same size as credit cards.

You can even use foiling and embossing machinery to press out your own custom gift cards, metal dog tags and other items. You are only limited by your own creative imagination and the number of things you can do with hot foil printing and embossing machinery. The LA Shop offers an assortment of different embossing machines and foil imprinting machines to fit your own unique creative desires.

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