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Garbage Disposals


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For a modern kitchen, a food waste disposer is essential. Today's garbage disposals quietly, effortlessly eliminate food waste, keep odors out of your trash and give you a cleaner, more functional kitchen. Better yet, they keep messy, unwanted guests away. Pick the Compact Garbage Disposals home, green option for your life!

Our garbage disposals feature continuous feeding, 1 horsepower with 1~1.2 L large body capacity, high-speed permanent magnet motor and stable structure design leading to low noise, shake a little. The garburators(In Canada) can shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through plumbing. You can collect the food waste for feeding the fish, or turn your garbage into plant food while composting!

Oh, maybe someone said you don't need a in-sink garbage disposal, you need a backyard composter only! - Why not? A garbage disposal can save much space, speed up the fermentation! You don't need a yard to compost - you can run a little soil operation in your apartment or condo, or on your balcony using worms or a garbage can or other container. There's a wealth of yard and kitchen 'waste' waiting to be turned into black gold!

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