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Gardening Accessories


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Having gardening accessories are important for any home gardener. The LA Shop offers a wide range of different accessories to help you with any type of gardening needs. These can range from analyzing moisture in the soil to measuring the amount of light given off by your grow lights. The LA Shop can even supply you with herb filtration kits that can let you distill the herbs in your garden.

The herb filtration kit lets you remove the resins from your plants. These are natural substances that are produced by the plant and can only be removed with the right type of micron screen filters. The LA Shop offers you a complete filtration kit and has instructions on using this unique gardening accessory. Other gardening accessories are also available for a fraction of the cost of retail stores.

One of the most overlooked of all gardening accessories is the light meter. This will tell you if your plants are getting enough or too much light. Either of these extremes can cause your plants to wilt and droop. A light meter from The LA Shop will provide you with the correct answer, so you will know if you need to decrease or increase the amount of light for your plants.

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