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Gazebo Top Replacement


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If your gazebo is looking less than perfect, it may be time to invest in a gazebo top replacement for your frame. The LA Shop has a complete selection of replacements in different colors, so you can always match your yard decor. They can be purchase with or without insect netting so you have the option of having an open pavilion or an enclosure that is free of mosquitoes and flies.

The LA Shop carries gazebo top replacements in a variety of different sizes. You should measure your current gazebo frame to make sure you get the right size on your first order. A top that is too small will not fit and a top that is too big will hang over the sides and be in danger of coming off during high winds.

All of the gazebo top replacements from The LA Shop have a vented roof. This allows wind to pass through the top of the gazebo, decreasing the chance of it blowing away during a storm. They also offer swing patio canopy replacements, so you can redo your porch swing, allowing you to use it even on the sunniest days. The canopy will block the light from the sun, giving you a nice shady place to swing without having to sit under a tree and rick damage to your swing from dripping sap.

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