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Gram Scales


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If you handle jewelry or any other item that needs to be precision weighed, then having a gram scale in your business makes perfect sense. These scales are designed to give you an accurate weight down to a tenth of a gram, which is the current standard for precious metal. Many of the scales at The LA Shop can be adjusted to show grams, ounces, troy ounces or pennyweight. No matter what the substance is that you are weighing, one of the digital scales from The LA Shop will fit your needs.

If you are measuring jewelry to buy from your clients, then you will want to set the scale to troy ounces. Most of the gram scales from The LA Shop have this setting. The troy ounce is the standard for precious metals such as gold and silver. This will give you an accurate reading so you will not be overcharging your customers or underselling your products.

With the gram scales, you also have the ability to enter the tare amount before you start the weight. This allows you to set the scale at zero even if there is a holder or another object on the scale. This lets you disregard the weight of the packaging and only have an accurate weight of the contents.

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