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Grommet Machine


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A grommet machine is an accessory you should have when you need to make holes into different materials which will create a support to prevent tearing and falling apart. You can use grommet machines to make holes in banners and flags allowing you to run rope through them and hang them up easily, without complicated piping needing to be ran through some banners and secured to poles.

You can use a grommet machine with different size grommets for all different projects, such as scrapbooking. Rather than using a paper punch to make holes in new pages to add to your scrapbook, you can use a grommet tool to make metal enforced holes which will keep your pages securely in place and prevent them from being torn out accidently. If you enjoy sewing, you need a grommet tool to add finishing touches to your bags, belts, purses, pants and other clothing items.

A grommet machine has the ability to be placed on a table or other stand and be permanently mounted or left as a portable unit. There are different size grommets available which will work with grommet machines by changing the die out to match the size of grommet you will be using.

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