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Growing your plants in a grow tent from The LA Shop offers them the opportunity to reach their full potential without exposure to the changing climate outside your home. These tents offer you the ability to control the amount of humidity that surrounds your plants as well as the temperature of the air inside the tent. This is critical for starting new plants from seeds or cuttings because it protects them from excess rain, heat and cold.

Another way to use a grow tent is to start a hydroponic garden with your plants. This type of garden uses nutrients in the water to feed the plants, so they can grow without the extra expense of purchasing soil. This lets you control the amount of food each plant receives and helps promote larger, stronger plants for your garden.

A standard grow tent comes with a ventilation system so that you can control the amount of air entering the tent, crucial during hotter summer months when the plants could overheat if exposed to direct sunlight. They also have a reflective interior coating, which lets the light provided from your grow lights stay concentrated on the plants. This can help you dictate the amount and type of light that your plants receive and can be adjusted to meet each stage of the plants growth.

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