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Heat Transfer Press


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Heat transfer press machine is ideal to print customized pattern on garments, hats, jigsaw puzzles, mats, mug cups and so on. The clamshell heat press machine features 15x12 inch, 15x15 inch and 16x20 inch heat platen, and is perfect for DIY T-shirt and other fabric. Specially, a heat press with an air compressor could offer stronger and more even pressure.

You can also find a large selection of all in one heat press machines. Such as 5in1, the best seller at TheLAShop, it includes flat platen, mugs and plates elements to match your different demand. Not enough? Check the 6in1 and 8in1, you will find more interest with our heat press machines, and enlarge your fans.

Further more, now TheLAShop provides you these brand new 3D heat press machine & mini 3D heat press. They come with high flow vacuum pump, high inspiratory capacity and low noise, even the mini style could produce more than 40 kinds of mugs, phone cases, plates and so on.

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