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Air Purification


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Air purification is important for any plants that are grown using a grow tent and grow lights. This is because any contaminates that are introduced into the tent can cause the plants to start to droop and will be trapped inside with the plants, causing more harm to the plants. It also can be used to remove odors from your grow tent and keep the air inside fresh and clean.

The ventilation system provided from The LA Shop with their air purification system has a carbon filter, a fan blower. This type of filter removes many of the odors found around growing vegetation. It can also be used to help remove excess pollen from the grow tent, letting you enjoy your plants without the irritation pollen can cause to your nasal passages.

The air purification from The LA Shop has a solid metal construction so that you will not have to worry about it wearing out too quickly. It is also moisture resistant, which is beneficial for plants that require a high humidity to achieve proper growth. This type of system normally comes with mounting brackets, so you will be able to immediately install the unit and have it start working to improve your garden as soon as it is removed from the box.

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