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A jackhammer is needed when you need to break up concrete used on the ground or in concrete blocks. When you want to remove brick facing from a home and replace it with another type of construction material you can use an electric jack hammer to break the seal between bricks for easily removal. Other home improvement projects, such as removing an old driveway or concrete entry steps all can be demolished quickly when using a jackhammer.

There are lightweight jackhammers available which offer enough power for most heavy duty projects, while being effortless to control and guide. When working on only one area, it is important to retain control of the jackhammer to prevent from damaging other areas that you have no desire to repair or replace.

Features included in a jackhammer include double insulated motor casing which prevents heat from escaping and making the unit get overheated or too hot to handle, an aluminum case, one flat chisel and one pointed chisel, swiveling side handle for easy control and guidance, and an ergonomically designed rubber grip, as well as safety glasses and work gloves. The LA Shop has several different jackhammer units available to fit any size construction project.

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