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Kids Trampoline


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A kid's trampoline offers your children the chance to play while they are exercising. The LA Shop offers a selection of different models, which cater to every age and stage of development for your children. These include a model with a bar for holding on, popular with younger children, as well as a trampoline with a safety net that can keep your children safe from falling.

No matter what the age of your children a kid's trampoline gives them the exercise they need without the strain on their joints. This is because the net of the trampoline absorbs the impact on the feet without transferring it to the knee and hips. This makes their growing bones receive less strain and lets them grow healthy without risks to their joints.

The three different types of kid's trampolines available from The LA Shop are the 40-inch indoor trampoline, the larger outdoor model with the safety net and the mini trampoline with a handle for smaller children. Any of these models comes with the full manufacturer's warrantee, so you will know that they are covered from defects when they are received. They are shipped in the box and are new items, not items returned by another customer and then repackaged for shipment.

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