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Landscape Pathway Lighting


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Are you vexed your dark pathway in the garden or the cost of electric charge? TheLAShop provides you this brand new LED Solar Landscape Light. Having the solar power LED light, you can save more money, save more energy, save more time, and get more wonderful midsummer nights.

Try hiring an electrician to fix a few wires or install some traditional garden lights, you will realise that it is expensive. Now, you can own the sparkling pathway just spending a few dollars, but no need to hire anyone, dig your plant, or pay extra electric charge.

Shop our Wireless Solar LED landscape light, you can decorate your garden by easy operation. First, insert the light to the soil in the daylight, let it bask in the sunshine. Second, leave it alone. The work is done. When night falls, the automatic sensor will activate, a sparkling garden is yours.

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