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LED Grow Lights


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Now we introduce the two most important spectrum are 400 ~ 520nm (Blue) & 610 ~ 720nm (Red).
Blue - absorb maximum chlorophyll and carotene and affect most to the photosynthesis. It suits for promoting plant growth.
Red - absorb chlorophyll in low ratio and significantly affect the photosynthesis and photoperiodic effect. It makes flower and bear fruit well.

The light should be 20"- 40" height to the plant canopy when applied. LED light costs about 1/4 energy consumption of HPS and MH lamp. As for the same wattage, LED light can save 30-40% electricity charge compared to HPS and MH lamp. LED grow light that below 50W is suitable to close to plants. Such as plant tissue culture, layered planting, floriculture at home, small space soilless culture. By the way it is good response at seedling stage.

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