Makeup Cases

Makeup cases allow you to transport your makeup to a different location and are invaluable for beauticians who work in more than one salon or who make home visits for their clients. They are even useful for people who are going on vacation for a week, so that they will always have the right cosmetics for any occasion. The LA Shop offers three different makeup cases, silver, black or black with silver trim.

All three of the cases have the same high quality aluminum frame used in their construction. They also have reinforced corners so that you do not have to worry about the case splitting and spilling its contents during travel. They have adjustable tray dividers so that you will always have the perfect sized place for every type of makeup your carry, from eye shadow to lipstick.

Beauticians who travel as part of their jobs often use these makeup cases from The LA Shop. They are especially convenient for people who sell makeup during home parties. They have several different configurations for each case, so you can store your catalogs, your order forms and your samples in one case. This avoids the problem of carrying two or three different bags every time you want to exit your car.

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