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One of the most relaxing experiences anyone can have is a manicure & pedicure from a professional salon. The LA Shop makes it possible for you to have this same experience in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost. You can even use one of their kits to perform the same manicures & pedicures on your friends and family.

Imaging if you were having your friends over for a cup of coffee and you decide to let everyone do a manicure on someone else's hands. The manicure & pedicure kits from The LA Shop let you do just that. You can have friends come to your home and let them receive a professional finish to their nails. You can even offer to do the nails of your coworkers, saving them time and money.

The kits available at The LA Shop for manicures & pedicures come with an electronic rotor that gives you professional control no matter if you are correcting natural nails or just shaping your own acrylics. The electronic tool that comes with the kit also offers you the ability to carve, engrave, route, grind or sharpen a variety of objects in your home. No matter what you need, The LA Shop has the perfect electric kit for you.

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