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A menu cover provides restaurants the ability to safely place printed paper menus without having to replace them on a regular basis. Since most restaurants have a standard menu, printing additional paper menus every time you run low because of spills, ripping, tearing and other problem can increase your operating costs. Instead using plastic menu covers provides you the ability to keep your paper menus safe and control printing costs.

There are different types of menu covers available, such as multi-page clear menu covers, which you can insert printed menus and your own custom covers. You can even use a single page plastic menu cover to place your daily lunch specials without having to change out the main menu on a daily basis. Your single page menus can list the specials for every single day of the week.

A menu cover is primarily used for restaurants, but also can be used in other businesses as well, such as quick oil change shops, which feature other services and prices for repairs. When checking in the customer, you can give them a menu and discuss other service options and which ones they would like to add to their oil change, increasing earnings for your quick oil change business operation.

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