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Metal Hole Punch


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A metal hole punch is needed when you want to punch holes into different metal materials, such as aluminum and sheet metal. Different hydraulic tonnage is available on the hydraulic punch press to fit your project's needs. You can obtain complete kits which offer the ability to create holes of all different sizes which are perfect every single time.

A modern metal hole punch uses hydraulic pressure to drive the hole through the metal without having to use manual presses or other methods which take longer to complete. The metal hole punch tool can also be used on different plastics and stainless steel. The design of the unit provides for fast, accurate operations with saves on labor.

The metal hole punch kit includes six different dies and punches which can be inter changed as needed to make different sizes of holes. The kit includes a metal case to store everything in when not in use and offers portability of the unit without worrying about losing any of the parts, punches and dies. The metal hole punch can be used for construction projects, electrical wiring and maintenance jobs of all sizes. You can rely on The LA Shop to carry this high quality product at affordable prices.

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