Paper Trimmer


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Gone are the days when you watched in awe as your teacher used a paper trimmer with a large metal blade cut through a stack of papers. The new trimmers available from The LA Shop are safer and more efficient. You can even get a trimmer that does not cut the paper, but merely scores it for easy folding. This can be invaluable if you manufacture your own cards for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.

You can still get the paper trimmer with the large blade, but the safety features of the new item are much improved over the naked blade that was used by schools. Now, many of these guillotine paper cutters have safety guards to help protect your fingers while you are cutting. They are also more accurate and have a grid with measurements so your paper will always be cut to the exact specifications you desire.

The LA Shop also offers binding machines. Unlike paper trimmers, these only cut a series of holes on one side of the paper and they allow you to thread a spring or plastic comb through the holes. This keeps your papers together and gives your reports a professional look in almost any situation.

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