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Pet Crate

A pet crate provides an area to place your pet while you will be away from the home and prevents them from destroying and chewing on items in your home, sitting on furniture and having an accident in your carpet. When you live in an apartment or condo a dog crate allows you to place your pet in a cage while which can be made comfortable by adding a blanket as well as placing some food and water in the cage.

You can encourage your dog to use the pet crate by placing it in a large open room area and encouraging them to go into the dog crate. You should place the dog cage close to where you are sitting to make them more comfortable while adjusting to their new pet cage. When you are away from the home, your dog is less likely to have anxiety issues and will be more relaxed while limited to the dog crate.

There are different styles of pet crates available which provide the ability to easily collapse and fold down the cage, and may even include a carrying handle to move the pet crate and take it with you on vacation when you take along your dog.


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