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PEX Crimper & Tube Cutter


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When you are connecting pieces of PEX tubing together, the best fitting connections are achieved by using a PEX crimper. These crimpers are used with copper rings and they are also used with inter tubing fittings, also made from copper. The crimper is used to secure the copper ring around the outside of the tubing and forms it to hold against the fitting.

A PEX crimper is an ideal instrument for joining PEX tubing together. It will create a watertight seal and will prevent leaking. It can also be combined with fitting to create T or Y branches within your plumbing system. You should only use copper fittings because copper will not degrade when exposed to water and will last for a lifetime with proper care.

The PEX crimper from The LA Shop comes in a variety of different sizes. You need to make sure you purchase the crimper that matches the outside diameter of your tubing. If the crimper is too large, then you will not have a watertight seal. It if is too small, it could damage the fitting and cause the pipe to be blocked. No matter which crimper you purchase, you should make sure that you follow all manufacturers' directions regarding safety and maintenance.

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