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Pop Up Drain


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A pop up drain provides the ability to stop water from running down the drain and keep it in the bathtub or sink. Pull type stoppers and drop in stoppers do not always seal well and allow water to slowly drain out. Over time the seals on pull type stoppers wear out and need to be replaced or even break when they are made out of plastic.

You can use a pop up drain in the kitchen as well, which eliminates the need of having to find the drain stopper whenever you want to wash dishes by hand or need to soak something in water. Kitchen sink stoppers which have the pop up attached allow you to push down and create the seal which prevents water from draining out of the sink. When you are done, you simply push down and release and the drain is open and water runs out of the sink.

A pop up drain is ideal for people with arthritis and other problems affecting the hands which make it hard to pull up on pull type stoppers or even get a drop in stopper in place and properly sealed. Rather than needing to use your fingers to manipulate the drain stopper, with pop up drain stoppers, you just need to be able to use your hand to push down on the device.

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