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Poultry Coops, Incubator, Feeder


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Poultry coops provide you the ability to raise your own chickens, hens, and turkeys at home. You will have fresh eggs whenever you need them, as well as your Thanksgiving turkey every year without having to spend money at the grocery store or butcher shop. You can use the chicken coops as rabbit cages as well, which provides a safe area to house your pet and keep it from escaping or getting hurt.

There are different designs of poultry coups available which suit any individual needs and space requirements. Basic designed chicken coops provide a wired in area with a small hen house on the end with easy access from the top of the cage. More elaborate designed hen coops are available with larger hen houses when you want to raise even more chickens for both their eggs and for making fried chicken dinners.

Even if you live in the city and have a limited amount of space, smaller poultry coops can be used along with a few chickens or as a nice home for your rabbit. The LA Shop provides access to a variety of chicken coops to meet your individual needs, as well as a variety of other pet products for your favorite pets.

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