Prize Wheel


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A prize wheel is a great way to offer special promotions and discounts at your business. Customers can spin the wheel and receive a prize, such as free gift cards, special shopping discounts or any other promotional items you want to offer. Dry erase prize wheels are the best type of product to purchase as they allow you the flexibility to change prizes for your promotional events throughout the year.

Non-profit organizations seeking to raise donations can use a prize wheel and let people spin the wheel each time they make a donation. Prizes can be obtained through donations from local vendors and retail stores in your area. You can even use spinning prize wheels to create your own games to be shared with family and friends.

There are endless possibilities on what you can do with a prize wheel, such as using one at your next company picnic in place of raffles. Employees can spin the wheel and win prizes or be used to play a game show quality game, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere. The LA Shop has many different dry erase prize wheels available which include tabletop prize wheels and ones which mount on a stand.

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