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Projector Screen

A projector screen is useful for presentation in a home, business or classroom. There are several different types of screens available from The LA Shop including a ceiling mounted projector screen, Pull Down Projector ScreenElectric Projector Screen, Projector Screen with Tripod Stand and Wall Mounted Screen for Permanent. You can even have a screen that is mounted on a tripod for easy transportation to another location.

Schools have been using projector screens for years to show movies to students. They can also be used by a business to present sales figures and growth charts to prospective investors. You can even install a projector screen in your home and show home movies with a standard projector. No matter what type of screen you need, you will find your perfect fit at The LA Shop.

The projector screen you purchase should match the type of information you are trying to display. If your computer projector has a 16:9 digital format, then you want a screen that is shaped to handle the same format. If your format of your computer is a 4:3 digital format, then you would want a screen that is slightly higher but not as wide. There are many different types of projector screens and you should find the one that fits both your budget and your needs.

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