Shade Sail


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A shade sail is used to give you an area of shade without having to wait for trees to grow and mature. You can also remove a sail if you want to enjoy the sunlight. The sail is made from a polyethylene fabric, which lets air circulate through the sale while still blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun. These sales are perfect for children's play areas or creating a shaded patch next to your outdoor pool.

There are two different shapes for your shade sail. The first is the triangle sail shade, which covers an area of approximately 130 square feet. The second is the square sun sail shade, which covers a total area of over 320 square feet. Either one can be used as a patio sail shade to give you protection from the sun without the added expense of putting a roof over your patio area. It is also considerable less expensive than purchasing a retractable awning.

At over 50 percent less than the regular retail price, a shade sail from The LA Shop offers you all of the advantages of having a covered area in your yard without the high expense. The sails come in four different colors, so you will have no problem finding something that will match your exterior decor.

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