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Snow Cone Ice Shavers


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Everyone enjoys attending their county fair or local carnival, while enjoying snow cones made with snow cone ice shavers. Most local communities will rent out booth spaces at these events, which provide you with the opportunity to earn some extra money when you rent a space in order to use a snow cone machine and sell snow cones. There are only a limited number supplies needed, which are affordable and offer the ability for your to markup your product and earn a decent return.

In addition to snow cone ice shavers, you will need to obtain different flavored syrups, paper serving cones, ice, and an ice scooper. Commercial quality snow cone makers are available for this purpose which can make well over a hundred pounds of shaved ice every hour providing enough snow cone making ice to handle even the busiest of days.

There are even snow cone ice shavers which operate directly off of you car or truck battery, making the snow cone maker truly portable and allowing you further opportunities to earn money selling snow cones. Your snow cone machine is easy to clean as it is made out of stainless steel with water proofing for the electronic components.

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