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Solder Station


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A solder station is needed when working with circuit boards and assembling electronic devices. The small circuits need to be soldered in place to create connections, which allows the device to function correctly. A soldering gun is connected to the soldering station which allows you to not only solder new connections, but also heat up and remove old solder when making repairs to the circuit boards.

You can open up your own electronic repair shop and use a solder station to fix electronic devices and earn extra money by offering this repair service. You can also use soldering stations for other applications, such as creating your own custom jewelry pieces using the soldering tips to melt the solder and attach different metal objects.

A solder station should be installed in a work area which is free from clutter and offers plenty of light. You can obtain different soldering tips, soldering guns, and desk magnifying lamps to aid you in your soldering. Lead free soldering materials are the safest to work with and allow you to create finished products which are not harmful to your customers. There are a variety of different types of soldering stations available from The LA Shop which offers solder stations to fit your needs.

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