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If you are going to purchase a tattoo gun, then you will find nothing better than the supply at The LA Shop. They have a complete line of handmade Copper tattoo guns that offer you everything you would need in your instrument. These guns are gold plated in 24-karat gold, so they look as good as they work. They have visible coils with brass wiring, making them attractive to the customer as well as the artist.

A tattoo gun from The LA Shop can be purchased for over 70 percent less than the same gun in a retail store. They are shipped directly in their original packaging and you will know that you are the first person to use this gun. The tattoo guns operate with 5 volts during startup and only use 8 volts while running, making them some of the most cost efficient guns on the market.

This low operating voltage means that you will not be paying a fortune to the electric company every time you operate your gun. They also generate a very low amount of heat, no matter how long they have been running. This helps prevent the artist from burning their hands or, even worse, the client while creating their art.

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